Secure Storage Units:

We have taken all appropriate measures to safeguard our facility from unwelcome attention:

  1. Our address is hidden for security purposes.
  2. To be as discreet as possible we do not display any signage at the Facility.
  3. All visits are strictly, by appointment only.
  4. CCTV is monitored by several methods including ANPR's.
  5. We have advanced interruption alarm systems automatically contacting the Police, should there be a disturbance or incoming power shortage, safeguarding staff who also live on-site.

Terms & Conditions.

1. Minimum storage fee is 1 month.

2. Payment for storage is monthly in advance.

3. Payment may be made in cash, cheque or e-transfer.

4. Payment for storage periods over 3 months to be made via Standing Order.

5. Tariffs for storage are NOT subject to VAT.

6. Vehicles will not be released from "Car Storage Yorkshire" until all outstanding payments have been cleared.

7. Prices maybe subject to change - if so 1 month’s notice will be given.

8. 24 hours notice is required for removal of the vehicle.

9. "Car Storage Yorkshire" is a secure facility, therefore, access is by prior appointment only. If you arrive on site without an appointment we may not be able to accommodate you.

10. Any person other than the owner authorised to collect the vehicle from storage must show proof of agreement to do so, from the person who's deposited the vehicle.

11. All clients wishing to collect, or have their car delivered must give a minimum of 24 hours' notice.

12. You agree to grant "Car Storage Yorkshire" the lien over any vehicle stored at these premises. Lien refers to a right to retain property until any debt or other obligation is discharged. The lien is immediately released when your account is settled in full.

13. Whilst in our custody and control all vehicles are fully comprehensively insured against loss and damage by Aviva, there is a £500 excess which is to be paid by the VEHICLE OWNER, "Car Storage Yorkshire" is not liable for the cost any loss or damage whilst in our care.

14. Any car above the value of £100,000.00 maybe charged a premium added to the quoted storage amount quoted on the website.

15. "Car Storage Yorkshire" refers to the individual site where vehicles are stored. A storage agreement is provided to all clients upon signing up. The storage agreement has all the required information for peace of mind.

Third Party

16. We may use a third party to provide an additional service, such as: transport, MOT or body work repair. We will advise prior to conducting any business as such and provide a quote and a copy of their invoice upon request.

17. Any third party service maybe subject to VAT. We will advise prior to purhcase.

18. In using a third party "Car Storage Yorkshire" is not liable for loss or damage.

19. Payment for any additional services will be invoiced seperately.


20. We never pass on any customer information to a third party, unless related to our service offering; which we request and advise prior to doing so such as: another site to accommodate storage or a trusted third party supplier.

21. Along with most web sites, our web site uses Cookies to record visitor statistics, this data helps us to administer and enhance the site and service. You can disable these Cookies if you prefer.

22. By placing a vehicle with "Car Storage Yorkshire" it is agreed you accept the terms and conditions above.

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